If you’re a web developer, then you know how challenging the tasks it is to learn website building. But, there are some points to make you relaxed that you don’t need to do it just on your own. Apart from your own effort and creativity, there are some other supporting things.

You’ll find their free support websites and communities where you can place your issues or questions to get the solutions from other developers. That’s why we’re going to discuss some free websites that will help you getting up of your web development services issues.

Also, you can build up your individual portfolio that will improve your career tenfold more than others. Now, let’s know about some free websites that provide support for website development services.

Stack Overflow

With some good reasons, Stack Overflow is at the top of the list. This is a treasure site where you’ll get all of your coding and web development issue with Q&A. you can sign up free of cost and you can ask them endless questions you need. But, we suggest that before you ask something; do a search in the site first.

It’s because someone probably has answered the question that you’re going to submit. From database code to front and back end, it covers everything and all languages. As you can get solutions for just about everything, simply go with this site and ask to learn what makes you troubled.


This is another helpful site for web developers that have lots of subreddits of smaller communities. You can ask them so many different topics like front-end, CSS, and whatever you need to know. Also, this site is full of experts from all around the world. When you need to get a solution, you can ask something or use a poll.

Also, there are subreddits with latest news and views regarding web development. Moreover, subreddits are friendlier to new users and provide dozens of new contents every day. In addition, you have a chance to subscribe to several places that all these have made the site great.

SitePoint Forums

More than a decade, SitePoint Forums, is dominating over the free supporting sites. It covers all aspects of web design, web development, UX, and programming. So, this is an ideal community forum that allows you getting from the experts of the site. There are lots of categories regarding programming, web designing and developing, website setup, and marketing.

As the latest supporting community, it covers many topics of tech niche. As a result, it could be your great choice to hang around. Like all other forums, before asking something, search on their site and possibly you’ll get the answer that already posted by someone.


As its name suggests the site is full of resources for you about web development niche. You’ll find hundreds of tutorials with a great user base that offer many things about coding.

These include HTML 5, JavaScript, CSS3, WordPress-like frameworks, and many other things that you’re looking for. There is a community site where the members discuss their issues and experiences.


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