Visual material is equally as crucial as textual information on a website, if not more so. It also serves a range of functions. So, it establishes the tone of a website from the minute a visitor enters. It contributes to a stronger bond between consumers and brands.

This offers criticism and support for the textual information that surrounds it. It may also be quite helpful in the decision-making process. It may also play a part in attracting more visitors to your website in the first place.

However, you must first understand optimizing your photographs for SEO purposes. Therefore, before you look for “how much does it cost to make a Google Ad, let’s begin!


Check the file’s actual weight. Unnecessarily huge picture files may place a lot of strain on a web server and significantly slow downloading. Make sure you utilize an image shrinking tool to reduce them to a manageable size.


Choose file formats that compress effectively and will best frame your photographs. For graphics, PNGs are usually your best pick. But JPGs are fine for most images. Just keep in mind to compress them before using them.


I have already discussed how color is a significant factor in local and global design. If you haven’t already considered what the colors in your photographs represent to a bigger audience (for example, those in Google Images), do so before you conduct any additional optimization.


Avoid using stock imagery when you want to score well in picture searches. For one thing, it may show a lack of originality on your side. Second, there’s a chance that another designer may use the same photo for another website covering a similar theme.

Hence, you aim to stand out from the crowd, not to become one of them. If your website’s textual content is distinct, so should its visuals. Also, ensure that the content of the photographs corresponds to the content of the page. Effectiveness is critical to search success.


Images, like ordinary SEO, should correctly labeled. So Google can match your visual material with consumers’ search queries. This entails creating labels that are clear, concise, and accurate for:

  • Title text
  • Filename
  • Caption (if relevant)
  • Alt(ernative) text

Align the optimum phrase from the website with the phrasing used to tag the shot if possible.

Why Is Image Optimization Necessary for SEO?

Obtaining the top search engine result page has long been a goal for website owners and developers. But, with Google Image searches being so prevalent these days, why not offer your website another chance to get seen in search engines?

Plus, you won’t have to rely on a third party. These bunch of words to show off how truly excellent your site is. The images will do all the talking on its behalf.


These images should not be used just for the advantage of your visitors. While choosing photos for your wordpress web design, consider where they could appear elsewhere online and how to utilize image SEO to capitalize on those chances and drive even more traffic to the page.


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