5 Best Website Templates For Your Catering Business

So, you are thinking about starting a catering website for your catering business. That’s great! Whether you are successfully owning a catering business or just starting, building a website for your business is vital. It will help you establish your brand and your business growth in the market.

How do you make a website then? Hiring a professional web designer and programmer is hands down the best option. Keep in mind that hiring a professional can be expensive and can take weeks or months to finish.  If you don’t want to start building a website from scratch, you can choose a custom made websites for catering templates as your website’s design blueprint.

Therefore, we have picked a bunch of pre-made website templates. These templates are affordable and don’t require high-level coding experience, with just the basic coding knowledge you can easily build a website using these templates. Let’s get down to business!

1. Jevelin

Jevelin is a fully functional and multi-purpose template that would assist you to make the most useful as well as an aesthetic website. Jevelin works with every food project and makes your website look informative. It’s mobile-friendly, cross-browser compatible and includes programs like Google Maps and widgets that you can add. Not only that, but the template is also SEO-ready and optimized for maximum loading speed. You will also find more than ten custom-made shortcodes, drag and drop builder added in Jevelin.

2. Banquet

Banquet is a WordPress theme that handles everything from catering to event planning. The layout is minimalist and is very soothing to the eye. The easy-to-read fonts wouldn’t tire the reader’s eyesight. Banquet covers a list of vast features like customising page layouts, adding elements to pages like shortcodes, widgets, etc. What’s interesting is the one-click installation feature, with one click you can install the template.

3. Notch

If you need a template with powerful and functional features, choose Notch. Notch provides a great assortment of features for your catering business. It’s responsive, cross-browser compatible and easy to tinker around. The home page is neatly designed and loaded with many necessary features like the search bar and a separate section for contact info to make the contact process a lot easier. The inner pages have a gallery space where you can put pictures of your food and services. You can even link your website with the social media accounts using this template. If you want a website with oodles of functions, Notch is there for you.

4. Restaurant Chef

Restaurant Chef doesn’t only apply for catering websites but can also be used for restaurants, coffee shops and fast food business. This gorgeous template gives you a sense of professionalism. Just like other catering templates, Restaurant Chef is also mobile-friendly and retina ready. It comes with Google Maps, parallax effect, support videos and also includes a newsletter subscription form which is unique. The support team is always there to answer your question in case you get stuck.

5. Lecker

If you are looking for a much cheaper option, we present you, Lecker. The template is fit for any type of restaurant or catering services. Using Lecker you can create a single or multi-pages website pretty easily. The template includes 5 types of title texts, daily specials, parallax sections and amazing animations. You can let the pages as per the template design or you can customise the layout however you wish. If you want a fully functional web template without spending too much money, you can try Lecker.


These are some catering services website templates. The best thing about these functional templates is that you don’t need to sell your soul to the devil. Although there are free templates available in the market, those don’t provide as many features and customisation as the paid ones do. In the end, it’s your call to choose!


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