Avoid Hair Mistakes When Curl Your Hair Using an Iron

Do you love curly hair and thinking to purchase one curl iron? Then as a beginner, you must know several tips about curling hair. It would help if you were very careful when you will use a heat tool for the hair.

Today, on this content, we will present some essential tips to run the heat tool. Also, we will offer five mistakes of curl iron and the ways to solve them. Therefore, the below content will help you to know the proper usages of curl iron and practices of curling hair.

Before you visit Long Island City barber or somewhere else, continue reading to understand how to avoid hair mistakes when using a curling iron to your hair.

Not Doing the Prepping Properly

First, we will discuss prepping. It is the main thing that presents a perfect look to your curl. By using ideal curling products, one can prep the hair quickly. One thing you must remember that you have to choose the product according to the hair type.

You have to apply that product before drying the hair. Also, you can use hairspray, smoothing cream, and hair serum as well. After applying the preferable products, your hair is entirely ready for curling.

Trying to Make the Curls Too Perfect

Another great mistake is to try to make the curls more perfect. Usually, most of the people make this mistake while they curl their hair. Usually, the shape of the hairstyle depends on the section of the curl.

Also, it depends on the curling directions as well. Therefore, take some hair of the complete section and take some hair of skinnier sections. After that, alternate two hair directions towards as well as keep away from the face.

Not Giving Enough Time to Dry the Hair before Curling

Now it’s time to present another mistake that most of the beginners do. And that is not leaving the hair to dry properly before curling their hair. On the other hand, if you apply it on the damp or wet hair, you will not get the perfect hair.

Besides, there is a high chance of damaging your hair as well if you are not getting it done from a barber shop Long Island City. Therefore, take time to dry your hair and blow-dry the hair in general shape. Then, you are ready to apply the curling iron. Hopefully, these simple steps will provide you the perfect hairstyle at the moment.

Not Giving Enough Time to Set the Curl

Once you make the perfect curl, then you must give time to set the curl properly. Also, your hair needs time to become completely cools after using an iron. First, you have to clip all the curl after doing one by one section.

After cooling the hair, you can remove your clips and comb gently with the wide comb to get the firm shape. Also, you can comb with the brush of oval styling to get the fluffier form.

Not Using the Appropriate Size of Curling Iron

Last but not least, one must select the perfect size iron to get the perfect curl. If one has short hair, then one inch or one- the fourth-inch barrel is best for you. But for the long hair, go for the two-inch barrel.


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