6 Best Medical Advancements of All Time

Do you think PACS medical storage system has deep impact on healthcare? Then let’s check out these top medical Advancements in history.

1. Medical Thermometer

The thermometer is a device whose inventor hasn’t been confirmed. Although, it is firmly believed that Gabriel Fahrenheit was the man who invented the mercury thermometer back in 1714. Since then, this device hasn’t seen much changes with the only change being the digital thermometers to minimize the risk of poisoning through mercury. Mercury thermometers are the most accurate device to measure fever to this day. Just as DICOM and PACS medical storage systems are the best storage options right now.

2. Vaccines


Vaccines have been around since 1796 and were first used to treat smallpox infection. Later on, they would get developed to treat much more complex and deadliest of diseases which include tuberculosis, malaria, and rabies. The invention of vaccination has been proven very beneficial for mankind and its importance is still being appreciated as millions of lives are being saved by the vaccines.

3. Anesthesia

Imagine a world without anesthesia. Would you opt for an operation that is more painful than the disease itself? There was a time like this before where people would opt to die before going through this agonizing process to cure them. This was until the 19th century where the operation would be considered as a last resort. In 1846, the first successful anesthetic-induced operation was carried out using ether. Then chloroform became popular because it is faster. Anesthesia has been developed into safe to use substances and now are commonly used to conduct a painless operation.


4. Spectacles

The inventor of spectacles isn’t concretely known to the world, but it is believed that it dates back centuries ago used by monks. In its initial stages, the spectacles didn’t have arms to anchor them and hence were needed to be held against the eye or balanced onto the nose. They were very delicate equipment back then. As time went by, the cases of myopia increased and in the 18th century, the spectacles were changed and made into the way we see them today.

5. Antibiotics

Antibiotics were discovered in 1907 by the efforts of Alexander Fleming with his revolutionary invention of penicillin. This medicine was proven to be effective against many deadly bacteria. With war coming up, the antibiotics gained popularity as they were being mass-produced by the government to use in the war. Antibiotics, today, are more effective than ever before as they are combined with other medical advancements like vaccines and are used to erase deadly diseases from a person’s body.

6. X Rays


Fractures are needed to be pinpointed to get treated. For this reason, X rays are used which have proven to be a milestone achievement in the medical world. First adopted by Glasgow hospital to open a radiology department, the X rays were invented before that. Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen was the first man to experiment with passing electrical waves through cathode ray tubes. This invention would go on to compete with ultrasound which would soon be realized have different purposes and risks. This invention would go on to win a Noble Prize. X rays were named because the Wilhelm Conrad didn’t know what to name the rays that were emitting so he named them X-radiation which later transitioned into X-rays.

Another worthwhile advancement is also DICOM and PACS medical storage system for cloud based medical records. It changed healthcare for good.


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