Tips to Know While Choosing the Proper MRI System

Are you’re suffering from anxiety or some other related issues? Just spend a half an hour inside the narrow tube of MRI and you’ll find your issues have prospected. So, if you go through the open MRI systems that use magnets, it doesn’t surround your patients.

As a result, it can reduce anxiety-like issues successfully and the system is accessible for the wider range of patients. Besides, you can keep your patients’ records on the cloud-like PACS medical imaging. It’s true the systems of the open MRI offer you more space and removes the fear of lower storage areas.

But, you’ll find some compromises out there like speed, image quality, and limited use. So, let’s know some essential tips when you’re going to choose the right MRI and RIS PACS system for you.


It Reduces Patients’ Anxiety

You know that some patients fear to get an MRI and like to avoid it. Even when patients don’t suffer from this issue, it’s hard to spend a large amount of time in the enclosed space in a tight situation. It’s the state when a patient even can’t move a bit.

But, there is no similar issue with the Open MRI system, so patients feel relaxed in it. It’s because it has multiple sides, two or three throughout the process. If patients feel comfortable with the process, they like to go with it.

Also, it reduces the risk of getting blurred images of their MRI. Moreover, the process eliminates the need of using sedation or anesthesia when they need extensive time.

It Can Handle More Patients with Better Care

This process can handle a large number of patients with better care and access for involvement. In this open system, you can use it for performing the motion studies whenever you need. Usually, it needs to study well the joints that are flexible for the greater positioning of the patients.

Also, you’ll find the system in distinct configurations that give you more facilities to select the best footprint to fit its physical space plus the requirements of the patients. That means it can provide better care to your patients with handling more of them in number.


You Can Use It for Routine Scan

As this type of MRI comes with lower power, it’s enough to perform different types of routine scans. These include big area studies and musculoskeletal exams. That’s why it’s an ideal option for some specific imaging centers that are of in-office based.

It’s Cost-Effective

Since this MRI falls in the category of low-field, it’s cost-effective than high-field, powerful systems. When the MRI system uses a permanent magnet and uses no liquid helium, it results in lower costs for maintenance and operating. So, it truly provides more comfort and space for your patients.

But, you have to consider some factors before you get it. These include lower image quality than a high-field system and it has limits to use. Also, it’s a somewhat slower system compared with high-field magnets.


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