As the information technology rises, along with it rises the cybercrime and its security. If you get any sort of threatening messages or someone blackmails you, get help from cybersecurity immediately. Here are some shocking facts about cybersecurity;

1. The number of attacks is continuously increasing


According to the researches, the number of cyber-attacks instead of being controlled are increasing day by day. 2017 has been reported as “the worst year in cyber incidents all around the globe” because in 2017 the number of cyber incidents was doubled.

2. Hackers attack social media the most


Cybercriminals attack by posting fake like options on a website and by clicking on that like button a malware is downloaded into the victim’s computer. There are 3 billion+ users of social media worldwide, thousands of them become the target of cybercriminals every day. So, next time you’re browsing social media with your favorite cheap sim only plans, be sure to be cautious.

3. Global Ransomware cost went incredibly high


According to some researches, the cost of ransomware has been increased 15 times and it is expected that this number would increase more in the future. This is because almost all the businesses and some individuals rely on the internet to save their personal data and information which if gets hacked by a criminal would be a huge loss for the business and the individual. It has been reported that the ransomware cost exceeded $5billion by the end of 2017.

4. Irresponsible employees lead to poor cybersecurity


Sometimes cybersecurity gets complains about their poor service which is caused by the irresponsible behavior of the employees. For example; 43% tell the password to their colleague, 69% fail to log out properly, 53% log in with an unprotected Wi-Fi.

5. Most expensive damage was about $38.5billion


A very dangerous and quick spread virus known as “My Doom” is the most expensive virus ever. It can infect the computers and fetch all the details of the user by sending a spam email.

6. Some cybercriminals are within the company


If an employee gets fired, sometimes they treat the company and release their information on purpose. Some individuals who have access to the confidential information also tries to damage the company by releasing it out or by deleting some major data. While sometimes employees mistakenly tell the information of the company to a non-trustworthy or a fake person.

7. Email scams are hackers’ favorite trick


Don’t ever open any unknown link that has been sent to you via email as 90% of the times, email attachments transfer the virus. When you click on the given link, it downloads the virus into your computer and all your information would be sent to the hacker.

8. Cybercrime is a profitable business for hackers


Cybercriminals make a lot of their living through this each year. However, not every criminal makes the same amount of money but an average in most criminals has found to be more than $90,000 annually.

Be careful while sharing your information on the internet or while opening unknown links. Keep yourself safe by using social media with widely opened eyes and mind. Same applies for choosing good mobile phone plans sim only. Select the ones you can rely on.


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