During the time of the pandemic, the desk of IT service and IT infrastructure management may seem difficult. Dealing with this global pandemic and day job is not easy.

You need to take a few smart steps to deal with the situation.  Here are some ideas for the solution. 

Look After The IT Support Staff

The staff is everything for a company. Make sure of their safety. So, provide them with the required things and allow them take breaks within time. Try to keep up the office situation by conducting regular meetings like before.

If you can keep the office environment normal, then mental health will be better for the staff. Also, try to do everything as much as possible to keep all staff well. But never forget the teams during this pandemic situation.   

Give them Remote Support

If you can solve the problems remotely, it will be great support for them. Also, you can give them many technical supports for the customer, but it needs skilled people.

So, practice asking questions, listening to them, recognize the other person for the support. Moreover, consider the problems and advice the solutions for a difficult situation.

Ensure Effective Communication

However, we need to keep the mind refresh in this crisis. Contact the business stakeholders to let them know that you give priority to the IT department.

Let the people know what the things you will provide are. Also, nothing will be missing, forgotten, and ignored in the system.

If someone struggles with the communication, ensure them you can provide this properly. Such as arrange notification automatically, and the staff will get to know the latest updates. So without chasing the desk, you can get the information.

Change the Allocate Work

Many management of the IT service working process is providing request based work priority and its impact. Also, review their prioritization methods and work allocation. Do all this to ensure their work purpose is appropriate.

Every problem has a solution, but need to wait for a good time. Before doing something else, think about the frontline workers and their service. Many people are working as a frontline worker.

But the problem is there many old age people and they have a medical issue. Provide sufficient equipment for them. The agreement of service level is not any big deal if the precautions are perfect.

Decide Next Step to Focus

Moreover, work with essential and unsafe things. Now use the matrix priority again for the work. An event can have 1 or 2 priority. But the preferences can be significant for the event. So arrange the fast for the best service.

Further, contact with their management for delivery service. Also, make sure that the workload is manageable or not and get the performance feedback.

Sometimes you can use monitoring and management tools. For example, healthcare IT monitoring. To find out the automatic alerts review. The file server can run out and miss the maintenance restart. For this, stay careful about the vital service.


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