What is the Difference of 3G Data Plans Australia with 4G?

You’re already familiar with 3G and looking for using 4G as you have learned something about it. You’ll find it as the latest and greatest service from the wireless networks. If you use 4G mobile speed in your phone you’ll get it much faster than its previous siblings like 3G and 2G. That’s why it’ll put a big impact on the download speed of your data, audio, and video. Now the question is that whether it really need for you and what the differences are in between 3G and 4G. And what handset you should use if you use 4G data and some other similar points regarding this concern. Also, we’ll try to find out the differences of 3G data plans Australia with 4G throughout this article.

What is 3G and 4G Internet Connection?

If we say in simple words, both 3G and 4G are the ways to connect your phone to the internet. Here the letter “G” stands for “Generation” so 3G and 4G mean respectively “Third Generation” and “Fourth Generation”. And in terms of techy things, it’s newer and better with faster performance. But, you’ll ask now what the differences are in these two sets of similar things. We have the answer, in short, there are some distinctions if you go its deep, but it’s nothing if you see the user’s view.

What about the Speed of 4G Network?


Usually, 4G is speedier up to 10X than the 3G meaning it can provide the speed from 20 MBPS to 450 MBPS. Wow! Is not it really faster? Ye, it is an ever fastest one until the 5G come to use. It can provide higher speeds in some specific areas when your phone gets connected with the fourth generation internet network. As we have said you can get your internet speed up to 450 MBPS if you get a supporting handset. But, the speed will get breakdown with some factors like the distance of the user from the tower and the power of your radio station.

3G vs. 4G – Which One is better for you?


You have learned that 4G comes with the higher speed than 3G so you’ll get better speed to download images and videos. Also, it’s not only a bit much faster the test has found that it’s 10X or even faster than 3G. And you have a chance to get 2X more speed in high-reception areas then a fixed-line ADSL2+ connection. But, you’ll not be able to notice the difference if you use the internet widely for browsing Facebook, emails, and watch videos on YouTube. And other than these there is not much more difference of using 4g instead of 3G.

Bottom Line

As the older networks offer important support for the latest 4G and working like the bridges between the big cities, they are still a very essential part of these mobile networks. It’s true 3G works like the backbone in a lot of low populated areas of Australia, but 4G is getting increased slowly to cover the whole country using unlimited data sim card from different mobile phone operators across Australia.


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