Car Paint Code: Where to Find It & What to Do with It

Yeah, yeah, I know! Car paint code is not the most exciting topic you want to read about. But it is a crucial necessity when it comes to finding the exact colour of your car.

You cannot merely ask for colour. The reason is that there are so many shades of it. That’s why professional sprayers need to know your car paint code to get a 100% match.

What Is a Color Code?

A unique code, usually 3-6 characters extended and a combination of letters and numbers, is a colour code. A colour code varies from the name of the colour. For several years, a company may choose to retain the same colour label. Still, it may only change the colour’s variance, making it either marginally brighter or darker from year to year.

The car manufacturer can still change the colour code if there is some kind of difference in the paint. That is why you do not want to paint a selection of fender flares based merely on the colour’s name. You would like to ensure that the colour is a complete fit using the colour code.

How to Find the Car Paint Code?

Open Driver’s Door

Just like other information placed on your car, paint code data is usually located inside the driver’s door on the door jamb or inside the door. There are two types of paint codes: exterior paint, the other for the interior colour or cabin. Jot the paint code down and contact your dealer’s service department and have them decipher this for you.

Check The Owner’s Manual

If you can’t locate the paint code, check your vehicle’s manual, as the book can identify where the placards for the paint code have been put. There are other places to look, such as the door jamb or under the top of your car’s hood.

Jot Down Your VIN

Each passenger car has a vehicle identification code, a 17-digit serial number unique to your vehicle. Locate your VIN with a pen and paper in hand, something that can generally be found on the left side of the dashboard and seen through the windshield. Write the number down, call your dealer’s service department, and ask them for the colour code depending on your car. Then ask your dealer to provide you with the exact name for the colour to buy it. You should also know about your car parts VIN.


Be patient when encoding your car number using the Internet. There are a couple of websites that pair paint colour codes with paint names. However, sometimes the information you get from these websites may not be correct. So, make sure that you contact a professional before painting your car.

Pro Tips

  • To have easy access to it in emergency cases, consider keeping your VIN written somewhere outside your car.
  • Wash the car before touching it with paint.
  • To find the correct automotive colour code for your vehicle, check for car paint databases online.


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