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Don’t Run Out of Packing Supplies On Moving Day

Moving soon? This in-depth guide covers how to accurately determine the right amount of packing supplies you’ll need based on home size.

Moving is stressful enough without having to make extra trips to the store for more boxes and bubble wrap. 

To avoid all the miserable experiences, take some time to accurately determine your packing supply needs upfront based on factors like your home size, how many belongings you have, and the types of items you’re moving. 

Doing so ensures you have enough supplies ready to go and can pack and move stress-free without any surprise shortages.

The Value of Finding Packing Supplies Near Me

Having a trusted local supplier of packing materials like boxes, tape, bubble wrap, furniture covers, and other shipping supplies is a major advantage on moving day. You can easily stock up on any last-minute needs without going far out of your way.

Search for “packing supplies near me” to find options in your area. Many mail/shipping stores like U-Haul neighborhood dealers and even some grocery stores sell basic packing supplies if you’re in a pinch. Just be sure to call ahead to verify stock if you need larger items like wardrobe boxes.

Estimating Your Packing Supply Needs

To determine approximately how many boxes, rolls of tape, sheets of bubble wrap, furniture covers, etc. you’ll need, start by considering the following core factors:

Home Size: The number of bedrooms and bathrooms is a good starting point for estimating box quantities.

Home SizeBoxes Needed
1 Bedroom Apartment20-30 boxes
2 Bedroom House40-50 boxes
3 Bedroom House60-70 boxes
4+ Bedroom House80-100+ boxes
packing supplies near me

These are just rough estimates – your actual needs may vary based on your number of belongings and types of items.

Belongings: The more stuff you have (e.g. lots of books, decorations, dishware, electronics), the more packing materials you’ll need.

Item Types: Things like flat screen TVs, mirrors, valuables, glassware/china, and large furniture require more specialized supplies like:

  • TV boxes
  • Dish packs and packing paper
  • Bubble wrap and furniture covers/pads

Pro Tip: Make a room-by-room inventory, note any special item needs like the above, and use that to refine your supply quantities before buying. This preparation ensures you don’t under or over-buy.

For example, my two-bedroom apartment had a ton of books, so I needed an extra 10 small book boxes beyond the 40 normal boxes the home size estimate suggested.

Always get about 10% more boxes than you think you’ll need too, just to be safe!

Other Helpful Packing Supply Tips

Beyond the core box, wrap, and cover needs, here are some other tips for having all the right packing materials ready:

  • Tape: Budget 1-2 rolls of packing tape per 10 boxes. Get a tape gun dispenser too for efficiency.
  • Markers: Have 3-4 thick permanent markers for labeling purposes.
  • Tools: Scissors, box cutters, and pocket knives are essential for breaking down boxes and opening stuck packing tape.
  • Straps or Ropes: For tying down furniture, mirrors, etc. in the moving truck.


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