Shreddy Awards for The Best MTB Riding Gear of the Year

Today we’re with a different topic that’s the Shreddy Awards for the best MTB riding gear of 2018. You might be going with a bad time if you’re wearing clothes in crappy things on a ride. As some of the broken stitch issued your levers when you have sent over the bars, you’re in risk of heckling, chaffing, crashing or cutting rides short. So, you should think about your riding stuff if you think about your rides. Now, if we take just 30 minutes for a faster rip then you should not get us wrong. Also, it’s true we don’t like to scare to hit in flannel and jeans, but you’ll find nothing there well equipped for your battle. That’s why we have composed their top three mountain bike riding gear chosen for this year.

Troy Lee Designs Stage Helmet in the First Place

It’s the most lightweight and breathable helmet that really have to get its own in the last few years. Also, the riders go on to move forward the restrictions of what can and shall a trail bike do. When TLD was looking the time to join the celebration party, it was more time to waste on getting it completely precise at the time they were showing up. As it’s one of the MIIPS-equipped and a DH-certified Stage helmet that comes with only 690 grams of weight, it has enough features to allow the ventilation to keep it fitting on for your climbs. Its fit is the matter that truly sets the stage aside from its rivalry. While holding the helmet in place with not wanting to resort to any kind of adjustment harness, it’s just like a usual full face helmet unlike the ladies hybrid bike.

7iDP Sam Hill Kneepads in the Second Place

When we were in the Lightweight Kneepad Round-up, we found the Sam Hill kneepads as the Best in Test against 13 other pads. Also, we learned one thing from this, sometimes you’ll get simpler is better than a tougher one. When it was asked whether they’re able to take one of their lower complicated pads with added protection to its sides, they found obliged. Also, it was found to protecting your knee that can really prove to join together the best of both worlds. Besides, it’s as pedal affable as a put on knee warmer with the sufficient protection so that you can dismiss some pretty crashes. As a result, we have found this kneepad is reaching for many times in the past season.


Fox Racing Indicator Pants in the Third Place

You might love long pant for riding if for no other cause than they make you feel about 7.8% ganglier on your bike even when it come to the point for women’s comfort bike. It’s used to afford at the cost of comfort, but if it’s not hot bulky, and heavy then the MX-crossover pants of the past were not anything. As it’s for the fast forward to 2018, Fox MTB got their racing experience with applied it to a pair of racing pants.


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