The Top 5 Snowboard Bindings of 2020

Snowboarding not only requires your mastery of the techniques, but it also requires you to use the right equipment. Snowboard bindings are an important part of good snowboarding. If you have the right one, it will enhance your game and increase your energy and control. We made a list of the top 5 snowboard bindings, so you can choose the right one.

Burton Malavita

Malavita EST is geared toward freeriding but this mid-flex snowboard binding will deliver the support, and control needed for any type of snowboarding. Burton, Malavita’s manufacturers, with a bevy of technology including reinforced rubber Heel Hammock, Supergrip Capstrap, and a strap system that wraps the binding around the boot, has achieved this year-long success. It’s stylish, lightweight, and made with durable materials but its shock absorption could be a little better.

Ride Rodeo Snowboard Bindings

Ride Snowboard bindings are the best for freestyle and Rodeo is the finest example for that. The rodeo was made in such a way that it can handle any kind of snow conditions and its proficiency increases when you target the pipe, or the park, or any other place that will launch you into the air. It has nylon high-back that provides a good mix of comfort and control. It was made with multi-density 3D padding and formed EVA. It has an ultralight footbed that adds angles in order to align the ankles. Ride snowboard bindings are awesome for creative freestyle and adventures.

Flow Fuse Snowboard Bindings

Glass-filled nylon is used in both the high-back and base plate in this Snowboard binding to make hugely reduce its overall weight but keep its excellent performance and a comfortable fit. This has a 3D shaped PowerStrap that fits with the boot and to provide more comfort and control- a wider overall contact surface area. It also has aluminum-alloy adjustable side wings in the baseplate which makes the feel both direct and responsive.

Union Contact Pro Snowboard Binding

This Snowboard binding gives the loose feel of a skateboard over a stiff-flexing snowboard binding which is excellent for the Snowboarders who like the parks or tearing along the snow-covered urban streets. It has an asymmetrical high-back which emulates the natural shape of human legs and EVA to suck up vibration and decrease shock after a hard landing. Its newly-designed ankle strap makes you forget about the pressure points, and its base plates and heel cup come with a lifetime warranty.

Arbor Hemlock Snowboard Binding

If you want a Snowboard binding that can handle glades, parks, and groomers, you should choose this one. It has a System X Base Plate which uses 15 percent fiberglass to make the binding instantly responsive. Its EVA footbed makes it feel soft. Its Bow Strap Adjuster gets the main strap out of the way in order to make it easy to strap in.


We suggest while you look for cool features in ski gears including discount ski jackets, you also look for comfort when you buy a Snowboard binding because Snowboarding is hard and you must feel good inside a binding otherwise you will not have the experience you wanted.


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