1. Patients’ Health Record

Patient’s data and the record is the most important thing for a hospital, and it should be kept somewhere safe but should also be easily accessed. It is, however, important to automate patients’ EHR i.e. Electronic Health Records because there is a higher risk that the staff members could enter some wrong information which can result in misdiagnosis and mistreatment of the patient. So, ensure that your hospital has a well maintained EHR system that keeps data and records of every patient safe and sound. You can look into PACS software free for cloud integration.

2. Patients’ Feedback

You should always think to make your hospital’s management, care and service better and better and for that purpose, patient’s feedback plays a significant role. Automate patient’s feedback and ask them to give a short review before leaving the hospital about the type of care they got and how their personal experience was. Try to use this feedback to improve your care. You can also use PACS software free for keeping medical data up to date and accessible if this is the requirement.

For feedback, also ask them about any suggestions or complains (if any. Doing so would help you in improving the standard and care service of your hospital to satisfy the patients.

3. Patient’s Admission and Discharge

The process that is the most time consuming is the approvals from the doctor, especially paper-based ones. But, if your hospital has automated the approvals then it is no big deal anymore. The doctor can simply approve any request or the discharge of a patient with a single tap through a mobile phone application. In this way, the admission processes can also get done in no time. Moreover, no staff member would have to get up from their work desk for it as everything would be shared among the staff members through the mobile application.

4. Appointment Reminder

Giving every patient a call and remind them for their appointments would eat a lot of time. Automate appointment reminders by software that reminds the patients for their scheduled appointments automatically so that no one has to bother to do it. You can also easily edit or change a message or timings in case of giving special instructions to a particular patient.


5. Patient Care Campaign

Every patient should be aware of their condition and know what is good for them and what is not. However, educating every patient individually about their condition and tips to maintain their health could be pretty time-consuming. Which is why automating patient care campaigns could be a great way to educate the patients not only about their own health information but about other health issues and their solutions as well. In this, online PACS system free is also important as it fetches your medical data from anywhere in the hospital.

6. Birthday Wishes

Sending birthday messages to your patients is an extremely smart strategy to increase the hospital’s marketing and patient’s loyalty. You can automate it so that birthday greeting is sent to the patient via email or text messages. It would make your patients feel special from your side and it is more effective because sending birthday cards via mail is time-consuming, costs extra money and you never know if they would just be added to the pile of junk and never reach the patient.


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