If you’ve ever gone into a crystal store in order to buy crystal products and asked for anything, you may have been told to just go to the one that appeals to you the most and purchase it. And, yes, this advice is completely useless. However, the truth is that we should let them pick us when it comes to metaphysical instruments.

So, to summarize, to buy crystals online or offline, you have a full license to trust yourself! Here’s a crash course on purchasing crystals, utilizing crystals, and keeping them potent AF to give you some perspective for your journey into the crystal realm.

What Are Crystals & How Do They Work?

Crystals are a self-care or healing tool that we may use. They aren’t (sadly) “magic.” We activate them as tools, and their assistance can only go as far as we let or think it can. On the one hand, they’re nothing more than rocks. On the other hand, they are microscopic members of the mineral world, vibrating at the same frequency as Mama Earth.

Crystals are magical in this delicate, natural manner. If we want to really profit from things, we just must be ready to view them that way.

How to Use Them, When to Use Them, & Where to Use Them

First, there is no incorrect way to utilize a crystal, and no one will die (I don’t think…) if you leave one on your windowsill or have it fall under your bed and gather dust. However, if we wish to program our holy objects with our best intentions, we must treat them as such.

So, first and foremost, respect crystals as tiny parts of the mineral world, and respect the purpose for which we purchased them!

  • One may be worn on a chain or a bracelet
  • DIY crystal water may be consumed and used to absorb their vitality.
  • While meditating, hold a crystal in your hands or putting one on your heart.
  • Put one under your pillow as you sleep.
  • Keep one at your workplace.

The Basics of Crystal Care

Crystals need considerable upkeep since their energy may get dull over time. Cleaning your crystals may be done by:

  • Returning it to its natural state. For around 24 hours, bury it in some dirt outdoors or even in a potted plant. You may immerse the crystal in flowing water if you have a clean stream nearby.
  • Placing it in the light of the sun or the moon. Allowing your diamond to ‘return to nature for a few hours in sunshine or moonlight is another option.
  • Smoking it with sage or palo santo. These two cleaning methods are excellent for clearing your personal energy field, as well as your home and crystals. Allow a cloud of smoke to form around the crystal.

If the thought of cleaning one more item in your life is too much for you, start with a quartz or selenite crystal, both of which have such a high vibration that they never lose their charge. In fact, they may assist in the cleaning of other crystals! Place one of these crystals near other crystals to help them regenerate.


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