If you ignore the requirements of HITECH compliance, what would be a system give the impression? And what if you concentrate on what physicians require to achieve the goals set in the laws’ original intent?

Researches have defined that a combined medical image and EHR must comprise enabling the outcome that most serious physicians require. It’s because we think that all organizations are going to change their EHR systems with DICOM reader sooner or later.

Also, we assume that they’re not in the situation that they can replace their modalities of image capturing. However, it’s essential to know what the requirements are for connecting medical images, DCM file viewer and EHR systems.

EHR System Should Be Supporting The API Link

As we’re not talking about to change your system entirely, the EHR system should be supporting the API link. It’s because some EHR providers have an API to communicate the apps of the third party. The API is easy to get integrated with the URL is the simplest method.

Medical Images Should Be Enabled A URL

When your EHR vendor works nicely with others, you’ll be able to use a URL for the imaging system. As a result, it’ll ensure you to identify an image that comes from a URL of the specific patient. When you have cleared up the previous two steps, it’s time to make it simpler.


Now, you have to integrate your imaging system to present you an image viewer with zero-footprint. When it comes to the zero-footprint, it means that you don’t need to wait for whenever you send a request for some software to get loaded. As a replacement for it, you can use the latest web browsers that are FDA approved.

Single Sing-In System

While you’re using the latest tech of medical imaging, you don’t need to re-enter your user’s name and password recurrently. When you have access to view the patients’ record, it’s sufficient for the safety to view them. The login information will have to pass the API to enter and view the records. This is how it’s very secured despite being a single sign-in process.


You might know that Apple has taken some changed their game plan of computing items. If your imaging process is not simpler like an iPhone or iPod, then you can’t cut it. It’ll take some more time to become experienced for the medical professionals to get too easy with the imaging system.

That means until you’ll not find the process much easier, you’ll not get the complete satisfaction and advantages as well. Affordability is somewhat related with the user-friendliness. So, when you have the good combination of these two things then you’re all set to attain the best results.


Bottom Line

Security is an uncompromised matter when it comes to medical images. It’s because there is some very private and confidential matter that must avoid falling on some wrong hand. So, no matter who you take from the service, you must ensure the proper security of your entire system.  


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