As a new modality owner, you know that you have left another purchase to make. And that’s the right PACS solutions, which is very important to choose wisely. You’ll find some different types of DICOM medical image viewer & PACS solutions out there.

But, the one you choose for you that should provide you the solutions that you need. It should be at the way which you go with your workflow. In this issue, you’ll find three different PACS categories including Local, Hybrid, and Cloud PACS.

We’ll share our thoughts regarding which one is the best for DICOM medical imaging to keep your records safe and untouched. However, before we proceed to the main discussion, here is a topic about why PACS are essential to choosing rightly.  

Importance to Choose the Right PACS

Since you already know buying modality doesn’t make you prepared to use the solution. It’s because this is not the final step. It’s also essential to ensure that you have come back to your office with the right and certain PACS. If not you’re likely to be unable to use the modality.

The possible vendors help you find out what size of PACS you want. They also help you to evaluate the PACS type and your needs that suit you best. The type you finish up with that’s based on the design of your communications while the advantages of the solutions one may look better than some others.

That’s why you should identify your needs including access, sharing, and mobility of the solutions. So, you should discuss these points with your potential vendors. And choose the one you think that will provide you the most value for your imaging solutions.


Local PACS

An onsite PACS is also known as a local PACS. This is neither the cloud storage nor comes with unlimited storage space. The fact is that a local PACS is to store your data or records on your desktop computer in an external hard drive that gets just a backup.

The category needs to update your tools and equipment regularly to meet the needs. So, if you think the whole matter, you’ll find this category will be somewhat the most expensive in the long run.

Hybrid PACS

When it comes to the Hybrid solution, there are some unique reasons to use it. The largest one is that you’ll get a reliable and long term storage solution with all other features that you may get with a Cloud solution.

But, the bandwidth that you’re using it may not up to the same level to support the category. If you’re with this issue, the vendor will fix the problem to make it smoothly usable.

Cloud PACS

This is the same thing that you know about some other cloud integrations. With this solution, you’ll get the possibility of unlimited storage space with the ability to access, sharing, and mobility.

Also, it makes you able to do these all things from anywhere and anytime when you have a reliable internet connection.


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