What Is Cloud Computing and Its Importance in Healthcare?

Cloud computing is an online storage that accessible to you all the time. It is a safer and better way to store your data and change it on the internet. It can be accessed and changed on the go. many organizations use this feature to have their data backed up into the cloud so whenever time comes, they can reuse it.

What Is Cloud Computing?

The term “cloud” is a metaphor and represents the internet and the ability to store the data in it and the mobility it provides. The data usually is stored in your computer or a server which is only accessible at a certain location but with cloud you can access your data from anywhere and it’s very easy to use. This means that you no longer have to maintain a folder and record of important data on your system which is unsafe. With most secure cloud storage, you can have regular backups and data redundancy so if your system ever gets hacked or just crashes and loses all the data your backup on cloud will be there to help you. There are a few types of cloud:

  1. Public Cloud offers service and storage online and are owned and operated by a third-party cloud service provider. You can use it to access and manage your account via web browser
  2. Private Cloud are the cloud of a single organization whose servers might be located inside an organization’s datacenter. These organizations also pay the cloud service providers for hosting their private cloud.
  3. Hybrid Cloud gives more flexibility to a business by allowing the data to flow to private and public clouds through manageable resources.

Importance of Cloud Computing in Healthcare


Let’s know why most secure cloud storage is important.

1. Collaboration

Health organizations can have a collaborative operation as a team using the research work and video conference call all done on cloud computers and their servers. Medical aid can be needed to anyone, anywhere at any time, cloud computing makes this easier for the medical staff to collaborate and make the patients receive the expertise they need.

2. Cost

Cloud computing saves your costs by providing you with all the hardware and software and giving you room instead of a big, sluggish server so a health organization can treat the patients without having to go to the trouble to fix their servers or maintaining them and at no additional cost for what you are paying them.

3. Telemedicine

Cloud computing and health care goes hand in hand. Cloud offers a health organization more than just video conference call but also a real time exchange of information and researches and even in-home monitoring services, so patients could receive the best medical aid they need.

4. Backup and Recovery

Medical organizations have lots of data and information about their patients stored in their server. If a disaster were to happen then this amount of data and information of so many people could get wasted and deleted. With cloud using regular backups and storage, it is easier to recover the lost data and maintain the data as it was.

Cloud computing is fairly new, and organizations are still adapting to what it has to offer. Most secure medical records storage can help healthcare facilities in so many ways and save the lives of many.


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