What The Top Ultrasound Devices Manufacturers Are Up to Now

Ultrasound is becoming more accessible and less costly each year. Top ultrasound medical devices inc manufacturers are doing lots of research and using the latest innovations to make it more affordable and make the imaging system more powerful so that it can fight various diseases. Incorporating AI into ultrasound is doing wonders. In this article, we discuss what some of the leading ultrasound medical devices inc manufacturers are doing to take the innovation to the next level.


Philips recently introduced EPIQ CVx, which is a new cardiac ultrasound solution that comes with anatomical intelligence. This machine can offer cardiologists customized implementations for diagnostic, pediatric, and interventional echocardiography. It increases diagnostic confidence and simplifies the workflow for clinicians. It was built on the powerful EPIQ ultrasound platform and it features faster data processing, robust automated quantification, and sharper images. It has customizable exam tools that were designed to help doctors, especially cardiologists deliver better care for their patients.

By combining live ultrasound and X-ray, EPIQ CVxi provides image-guided therapy for structural heart repairs. It was specifically designed to use in the cath lab and it comes with EchoNavigator. EchoNavigator lets cardiologists oversee procedures together with the location of key anatomical structures.

GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare has a lot of innovations on its way. Their Vscan series offers portable handheld ultrasound devices that patients can carry around with them. Their Vivid series has ultrasound machines designed with 4D technology. Their top-notch technology is not only for the rich and developed countries. Recently they have announced the launch of their Versana Premier and Versana Essential for the first time in Uganda. Both of these devices are part of their Versana ultrasound series which is well suited for general practice clinics, physical check-up centers, and other basic medical care facilities.

Versana Essential is easy to use and it enables confident clinical decision making in order to make quick referrals and immediate clinical correlation for scanning patients. This machine was designed for the growing medical centers and it can provide clinical support without compromising the quality, reliability, and affordability.

Fujifilm SonoSite

One of the market leaders in bedside and point-of-care ultrasound, Fujifilm SonoSite offers a wide range of high-frequency ultrasound and micro-ultrasound technology. They have a distribution network in over 100 countries. Their SonoSite SII is a high-quality ultrasound machine that comes with a touchscreen user interface with zero footprints, which means it’s able to last long without battery backup. It comes with DirectClear technology which increases transducer performance. SonoSite Edge II also has this technology and it provides extraordinary image quality.


Ultrasound gives valuable insights to doctors that are crucial for diagnostic purposes. Manufacturers are now incorporating AI into ultrasound devices to make them even better and more precise than ever before, and the results have been satisfactory. Ultrasound is also being used for therapeutic purposes. We hope that portable ultrasound device and the service will become more affordable with the latest technology.


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