Many people consider the DIY move as a quite satisfactory and money-saving thing but it is not the case in reality. In fact, ultimately this makes you regret taking this wrong step.

Below are a few reasons which can clearly tell you that DIY move is not a good idea at all.

1. You Cannot Interpret Correct Size of Container

Moving from one place to another obviously includes a carrier to move all your belongings and you will need a correct size of truck or container for this purpose. People planning the DIY movement have very high chances to interpret the wrong size of the truck for this purpose which puts them in a much problematic situation afterward. This is why professionals never recommend DIY moving as common people don’t have much more experience and knowledge for all such minute information. Professionals can help you choose the right size of truck or container usually by just having a look at your belongings.

2. You Cause So Much Damage to Your Own Stuff

The most common problem and heart-wrenching situation in DIY moving is the damages you do to your own belongings without even intending to do any such thing. This is where professionals help you pack everything in a way that does not cause any damage to your belongings and they are even accountable if you find any damage afterward.

3. You Cannot Plan Time Management and High Efficiency

It is because moving somewhere else is obviously not something that you are doing very frequently so it is understood to not be much efficient in planning and managing time. Professionals have expertise in this domain and their knowledge is quite vast so they can easily calculate the time required for complete movement plus they can do this super efficiently as well. And it is all because the professionals are well aware of all the nooks and crooks involved in moving from one place to another.

4. You Cannot Buy Good Quality Packing Material in Cheap Prices

Yes, it is true and it is because you are going to buy anything in bulk plus you buy only one time so no vendor would like to offer any discounts to such customers. The professionals are obviously dealing with them for quite long plus they make all purchases in bulk which makes it obvious to get heavy discounts. So in order to save some amount, you decide for DIY moving and ultimately affect your stuff with low-quality packing stuff. This also increases the chances of damages even more.

5. You Do Not Have All the Required Tools

Last but not the least, the most important things you will need in DIY moving are the right tools to unassembled your furniture and electronic appliances. Many people do have some basic tools with them but they are obviously not sufficient for properly moving their place. This is where you would definitely need some professionals to assure everything is done smoothly and in a correct way.

How to Move Cheaply?

As you may need to hire a moving service, you can lower the moving charges. You can do it by taking the items that you need and leaving everything else for junk removal Suffolk County NY to dispose of for you.

This will reduce moving costs. And if you are left with very fewer things to move, you can then rent a truck from junk removal Westchester county NY company and move items yourself. However, this advice is applicable if you have very fewer belongings.


So, we hope the above reasons are good enough to convince you about hiring professional services rather than going for DIY moving option. Good luck!


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