6 Valuable Chimney Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

If your chimney is in regular use but you don’t recall the last time you cleaned it or got it cleaned then you are in trouble. The fire department sees a lot of chimney fires in a year. The most common reason of chimney fire is soot or Creosote that has built up in over a period of time. A built up that long will need a professional clean-up. But if you are looking to maintain and clean your chimney on a routine basis then here are some tips to help you do that as recommended by Austins rubbish removal services.

1. Wear Protection


Always wear heavy gloves, a dust mask, and goggles before cleaning your chimney. You don’t want the soot to activate any allergies. Also, make sure that your carpet and floor is covered or else that will be extra cleaning in the end. Choose a windless day to clean your chimney, preferably a warm day, close your door and windows as the warm air tends to go upward in the chimney which will help you clean it better.

2. Smoke Shelf Area

The first part to start cleaning is the smoke shelf area, this is where the fire starts and this place gets the dirtiest. Brush the area if it can be reached easily and vacuum it afterward. You will need a heavy-duty vacuum, these can easily be rented. This area should be properly cleaned even if it means that you have to clean it with a gloved hand. This is an obstinate area so it may take a few tries to do this. If it can’t be reached at all, you will need to call the cleaning services.

3. Cleaning from Rooftop Instructions

If you are cleaning your chimney from the rooftop, make sure that you are comfortable with the height and that the rooftop isn’t too steep that you may fall. In any of these cases, you may want to call a professional. Keep flexible brushes, called canes, handy. You will also require polypropylene bristle brush. Try applying firm pressure and avoid vigorous scrubbing or else you might damage the inside of the chimney.

4. Warm Chimney is Easier to Clean

If you are the one to clean your chimney regularly then the best time to clean it when you are done using it. The warm inside of the chimney is easier to clean then the cooled off one. Because the soot hardens and it’s difficult to clean them. Give the inside a wipe after every use and you will have less work on your hands at the time of actual cleaning.

5. Get It Inspected Annually

Ideally, you should have your chimney inspected every year and get it cleaned every 50 burns for a wet log and every 70 burns for oak or dry logs. Wet green logs send a lot of smoke that results in a thick layer of soot whereas oak logs are a lot cleaner and send up less smoke.

6. Chimney Cap


The ultimate protection you can give to your chimney is a chimney cap, this will keep all kinds of debris, dust, snow, and rain from dirtying your precious chimney. This will also improve the lifespan of your chimney.

Keeping your chimney clean is very important as the buildup of soot and creosote may not look dangerous but it is the major reason for a lot of chimney fires. So, gear up and also take help from Austins rubbish removal service if you want any kind of junk, debris removed.


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