How to Reuse Old Stuff

You can do so much with the stuff you think is unnecessary. Let’s know what you can do.

1. Turn Your Ladder into a Rustic Bookshelf

Yes, you heard it right. You can use your old ladder, which can no longer be used to climb anywhere high, because some legs might be broken or due to some other reason, into a rustic and extremely beautiful bookshelf. All you need to do is paint your ladder to any color that you desire, or which goes with your interior and walls. Afterward, you will need to screw the ladder on the wall, by using a drill machine and some long screws. Once the ladder is stuck to the wall nicely and it is sturdy, then you can set your books on the steps of the ladder. There you go! A ladder turned into a characteristic and rustic bookshelf.

2. Toilet Paper Rolls as Cable Organizers

We have all been there, where our cables and cords are always tangled, and we have to spend hours to get them untangled. Here is a great way where you can use something as simple as a toilet paper roll as a cable and cord organizer. What you need to do for this is to take an empty tissue paper roll, afterwards you will coil your cable or your cords around the circumference of the roll. In the end, simply tie the cord or cable off in the end or tuck in under the coiled cords. Now, your cables will never tangle, and this will save you the time and energy as well.

3. Old Picture Frames into Trays

This is an amazing way to use your old picture frames. You can freshen up the wood by polishing or waxing it, this makes the wood look brand new. For the glass, you can leave it plain or you can spray paint it to a desired color. You will let both of these things dry for about 24 hours or more. Afterwards, you can assemble the picture frame back in its original form, and use it like a tray to serve things like tea, snacks and other edible stuff.

4. Turn a Corkboard into a Jewelry Organizer

This is another amazing way if you want to keep your jewelry, especially your long necklaces, straight and tangle-free. First, you will need a corkboard. Hang it up on the wall either with a screw and a drill machine or with stick-on hooks. Then, you will need some command pins. Push the command pins in the corkboard and basically, that’s it. You can now hang your jewelry and necklaces on the command pins.

5. Use Bowls as Hanging Lamps

You can use bowls as hanging lamps. First, you will need a long wire fixed with a bulb. Then, you will make a small hole in the base of your bowl. Afterward, run the wire through the hole and fix the bulb on the other end. Fix the lamp on the wall and connect it to the power supply. Now, you have an upcycled bowl, which can be used as a lamp.

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