Everyone wants to keep the kitchen nice and tidy, and it is required to stay healthy. At the same time, it is a daunting job to do it regularly. So, it is very important to maintain the spice cabinet properly. Besides, you can search “cooking utensil set with holder” in order to get any cooking utensil for your kitchen.

Therefore, it will help to clean quickly and save your time during cooking. Also, it keeps the spice fresh and on your fingertips during or during cooking prep time.

We all give priorities the importance of a good product. Similarly, spice also needs the same amount of care to become a tasty output from a good product. So, before you look for wooden bowls for sale, stay with the content to reveal the tips of keeping organize spice cabinet.

Make a List of Spices That You Use Everyday

Have a look at your spice cabinet and find out the spices that you use almost every day. It could be possible there are lots of special spices which you use on the special occasion.

Also, you get a discount and purchased a good amount of very nice spices a long ago. Now, what will you do with these extra or special spices?

Take a look of expire date or see inside that spices are good enough to use. Then, keep only every day required spices in front of the cabinet. You can store the special occasion spices in a separate drawer or shelves but not with the regular ones.

Begin to Purge

Suppose you find some spices that you forget how to use or what to use, then just through them in the dust bean. Also, if you find some spices that are not fresh and are not going to use in the near future, then do the same.

Spices are very sensitive and mostly become dull with moisture. So, it would be great if you can sort an unwanted pile of the spice container. After having the weird-looking spices, please do not keep them separately; instead of removing them from the kitchen.

Finally, after removing all these unwanted spice, you will get some space. At the same time, you will feel much comfort while cleaning the spice cabinet next time.  

Spice You Can Identify but Without Having Future Plan

Once you purchased some spices for a special menu and it has been a long time since that. Now, what will you do with these spices having no plan? So, get rid of them. You will get some new options again with a small budget.

Make a List on Shelf Life of Spice

Most spices have a very shorter shelf life, like black pepper, ginger, and turmeric. So, it would help if you cared about these very often.  Similarly, zested citrus, dried herbs, and flowers are also short-range shelf life, like three months.

In that case, you need to check the purchase date and replace them accordingly. On the other hand, the whole spice has a much longer shelf life, like more than one year.

Also, some woody, highly dense spice can last for a long time. But it would help if you kept in mind that the newer the spice the better quality. Therefore, you can make your own made shelf life for the spice and check them following it.


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