If you have had builders in your house, you will know how much damage construction work can do. Even when everything goes to plan and your tradesmen are tidy, dust and dirt are bound to happen. Post-construction cleanup requires specialized cleaning. Brick or drywall dust can ruin your home if not cleaned properly, and some construction debris can be harmful to your health.

Our housekeeping professionals have extensive experience with post-construction cleanups. If you have just completed a remodel, are dealing with an insurance claim, or went a little overboard with the DIY projects, our post-construction cleaning services tips will help you get your house back to normal so you can appreciate its new appearance.

Is post-construction cleaning difficult?

Before you start, it’s important to think about whether you should do a post-construction clean yourself, or call in the professionals. Although most aspects of cleaning after a renovation or construction work are similar to regular cleanings – like dusting, vacuuming and polishing – the work is more intensive and might need special tools like wet/dry vacuums, commercial floor polishers and shop vacs (also called bucket vacuums). You can usually rent construction cleaning equipment from your local hardware store, but it might be more cost and time effective to call in an expert cleaning company when you take into account the cost and your labor.

Is it a good idea to hire a professional post-construction cleaning company?

Many people who own homes or manage property don’t realize how much it costs to hire a professional cleaning crew after construction work is completed. They underestimate the amount of time and effort required for post-renovation cleaning. Although it’s tempting to do the cleaning yourself and save money, there are several reasons why it’s better to call in professionals. In this case, you can look for “cleaning company near me” which will be beneficial for you.


After construction is completed, professional cleaners are aware of the potential dangers that exist in the property. Things like nails and glass shards that have been missed by contractors can pose a threat, as well as the large amount of dust that can accumulate and cause respiratory problems. With this knowledge, these professionals know what precautions to take in order to avoid injury.


Cleaning is not a difficult task, but professional cleaners are more efficient and effective because they have been trained in the best methods and equipment to use. They also know the places that amateurs overlook.


If you don’t want to break your vacuum cleaner, you’ll need to rent professional equipment. The cost can quickly get prohibitive, especially if you’re cleaning several rooms or even a whole property. Cleaning Pros bring the right tools with them and also use commercial cleaning solutions where appropriate. Commercial cleaning solutions deliver faster and more effective results.


You may think that you are saving money by doing a post-construction cleaning yourself, but are you really? The cost of cleaning materials and tools, equipment rental, and trash disposal can quickly mount up — not to mention the value of your time! And if something goes wrong and an expensive piece of equipment breaks, your cost-saving exercise could end up costing thousands of dollars. With a professional cleaning crew, you pay a fixed price, meaning your budget is protected.


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