House cleaning is a skill that you’re still not a master regardless of being a marriage veteran or a single man. You know men have some bad presses regarding housekeeping that are not good for keeping your house clean. Instead, there are some tips that work great for men and they should adopt them to make their routine work.

It’s because there is a proverb that says a house with clean or dirt says about your personality. If it is the fact about your office or industry area, you might like to call for the commercial cleaning services. It might not have proven by scientific evidence, but we know a house says much more things about its residents.

You should keep it clean that it says well about you. So, let’s know some house cleaning tips for men before you search and call some “apartment cleaning services near me.”

Advantages of Keeping Your House Clean

You have to make your closets and drawers as your wardrobe instead of using your floor and chairs. So, it’ll be easy to clean your entire floor and it’s very essential to keep away germs and bacteria. Also, you can use other skillsets at your house cleaning if you have some others.

When your relatives and friends will come to your house, they’ll find things clean. As a result, they’ll get positive thoughts about you and your personality that will work later on in some aspects.

Things to Do Daily Basis

First, you have to set your daily cleaning tasks in the morning and evening for just 10 minutes per time. Among the morning tasks, making your bed is the first one before you take a shower. When you finish your shower, it’s time to look after your counter and sink.

If you need to cook breakfast, you have to wipe down your stove with counters. When you have wiped out the stove, keep your dishes right away in the dishwasher.

When it’s evening, you’ll have to wipe out the kitchen counters. But, if you need to cook at night then keep your stovetop clean after cooking. Keep all remaining dishes in the dishwasher with some soap.

Things to Do Weekly Basis

Now, it’s time to know what you need to do a weekly basis. When it’s Monday, clean the sink and shower, scrub toilets, and mop the floor of your bathroom. On Tuesday, your duty is to sweep and mop then vacuum all other floors, together with the kitchen.

Wednesdays are the day of doing kitchen duty and clean your mirrors and windows on Thursday. Dust all things on Friday and do all laundry works on Saturday. When it’s Sunday, it’s the day to enjoy your clean and sparkling house.

Bottom Line

If you try this routine for a few weeks, you’ll be habituated to do them regularly. But, don’t be afraid of adding some other essential and related tasks if you can do with it. Also, you can change the chores and the days if you need. But, don’t forget that to do it regularly following a checklist.


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