It’s hard to quit once you find the thrill of chalk paint. It comes from a person who owns a dresser, a changing table for a kid, a four-piece bedroom set, and many more. Follow these easy steps to redesign a Chinese-painted chalk cabinet.

It’s hard to quit once you find the thrill of crawling paint. Follow these easy steps to redesign a Chinese-painted chalk cabinet. So, before you look for “residential painting companies near me,” let’s know the tips.

Prepare the Area

My favorite crab paint products are odorless, non-toxic, and safe to apply indoors. You may handle your job safely indoors, should you choose. However, Paint is splattering; therefore, ensure to protect your flooring with a sturdy dropcloth.

Another wonderful feature about crayfish paint: if you catch them fast, even streaky splatters readily rub off with a damp towel. Review these types and ways of the antique painted enclosure. In this case, you can also take the residential painting services. For getting the service in your area, you just have to search “residential painting services near me”.

Clean & Repair the Cabinet

Sized your furniture and patch any dents before you receive your Annie Sloan. Whether it cracks, holes, or gouges, wood filler is your buddy. The Chalk paint continues so smoothly that you can’t even see where the flaws were original.

Before you start, you should clean the cabinet of cobwebs, dust, or mold. Wipe the damp cloth and a little quantity of soft dish soap in the cabinet. Let it dry till the following step is taken.

Tape Their Edges

Good news: here’s your preparation. Use the painter’s tape, such as windows or inside drawers, to make neat lines along unpainted surfaces. It is good to remove drawers out and Paint them outside the wardrobe to make sure all nooks and cranes are well covered.

The appeal of crab paint is partly because before or between layers; you don’t have to sand.

Paint & Let Dry Fully

Brush your cabinet with chalk paint. Be generous with your brush’s amount of paint—if you have placed too much in one area, spreading the color evenly with further strokes is relatively straightforward.

Watch the drips with your brush to smooth them. Chalk paint dries fast. Usually, your second coat may apply around an hour after the first.

If Desired, Distress the Cabinet

So now is the time to use the sandpaper and steel wool, if it seems worn your cabinet. These two instruments assist you in fracturing the dried chalk paint’s surface and uncover the wood behind it.

Begin cautiously. You will immediately notice how effective these two instruments are when the paint is removed.

Use a Protective Top Coat

Various treatments may be used to preserve your freshly painted case, including polyurethane, polyacrylic, water-based finishing wax, and more. Everything is a question of personal favor. I usually stick to waxy topcoats, as there is little risk of leaking.

Excess wax is easy to see and remove, whereas polyurethane drips may be hard to detect before drying. When you go on the way to wax, wipe extra cotton with the rag on the edges and apply a cotton cloth.


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