What to Do with Old Clothes That Cannot Be Donated

We all love filling our cupboards with clothes right? And what we usually do is when we buy new clothes we donate the old ones to the needy and that’s exactly what we should do. However, when sorting out clothes we realize that there is few clothing that is not in the right condition like they are either torn, worn out or stained so bad that even several washes won’t make it any better and so they cannot be donated. The wrong choice which we make is throw these clothing away without realizing that there are better uses that can be made from them rather than filling our landfills with them. The uses are as follows:

1. Use Them in a Creative Way

Bring out the artist in you and put your creativity glasses on! Now, look at those clothes that you’re considering to throw away. Look for any pattern if there’s one cut it out and get it framed and hang it in your bedroom.  A cute frame is ready to add beauty to your bedroom! You can also stitch that pattern on a new shirt or a cushion maybe and gift it to someone on their birthday? If it’s jeans cut it out into pieces and you can use it for waxing your hands. Trust me it’s the best wax cloth ever plus its reusable. You can also reuse your old socks to make a sock monkey for your kid! They wouldn’t even know the reality behind it that you made it because you lost your other pair and would get extremely happy.

2. Time to Stock Up on Cleaning Rags

If you have any animal shelter nearby then ask them if they need your clothes and want to repurpose them or you could simply cut out your shirts and turn them into cleaning rags. Trust me cleaning rags are never a waste!

3. Join H&M’s Zero Waste Mission

If you think that your clothes are not in a condition to donate because they are completely worn out or badly stained and there’s nothing that can make it better, so who would be willing to accept it as a donation, then my friend you are wrong! Big brands as a part of their CSR campaigns offer donation bins and they accept all types of fabric irrespective of their condition. Examples of such brands include Zara and H&M. H&M’s campaign’s goal is all about having zero textile waste and to serve this goal they take in all fabrics and convert them into new materials. Moreover, you can use a Dade County junk removal service to remove all the old clothes. These junk hauling Dade County services make sure that they donate or recycle most of them.

4. Recycle

The solution to all waste is to recycle! Contact the nearest textile recycler or junk hauling Dade County service and ask them if they are willing to take your piles and piles of clothing waste. It’s true that most of the recyclers are only willing to accept large quantities but there are still some recyclers who cater to small quantities and individuals rather than businesses. Plus, there’s no harm in asking!


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