8 Effective Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate of Your Website or Online Store

Here are the best and top ways to reduce bounce rate according to expert web application development services.

1. Improve Content’s Readability

The sites that have poor readability of the content have high bounce rate, means more users spend less time and leave the site without taking actions. The font size, color, and presentation of the content is important and can reduce bounce rate if you improve the readability.

2. Avoid the Pop-ups

Irrelevant pop-ups are annoying according to 73% users as noticed by a study in 2015. And now we are in 2019 where time is more important and users expect a website to be pop-up free, responsive, superfast and doesn’t redirect them to other pages. With no pop-ups on your website, you can reduce the bounce rate to a great extent.

3. Create a Call-to-Action

The sites that don’t have any calls-to-actions see high bounce rate. Users have nothing interesting on the site and they find it useless to stay on the site without any purpose. You have to add some call-to-action options and buttons on the site to attract the customers and make them stay on the website.

4. Add Fresh Content to Blog

The blog on a site is meant and developed for users and customers. It has other purposes as well like for link building. But blogs are what make users get new information and content. If you are not doing right content to keep the blog fresh, you can’t reduce the bounce rate because there is nothing for users to stay and spend time on your site.

5. Target Keywords with High Value Traffic

The SEO of the site has a huge role in bringing organic visitors. You have to be creative and work to find the best and high value traffic keywords. This will surely you pay you well at the end when the site will be ranked on top and you will get enough traffic to keep the site running.

6. Attract the Right Visitors

Attracting right visitors is an art and you have to master it if you want to reduce the bounce rate on your site. The marketing and advertisements should focus on targeting the potential audience and users who you can convert into customers as well. Marketing without the right users is just useless. And also web application development is useless is it’s not planned.

7. Speed Up Page Loaf Time

If your site pages take more than 3 seconds, bounce rate on your site will be high. That is because this a lot of time when it comes to page loading. Pages must load within one second in order to make users stay on the site. Every single page should be optimized and the speed must be fantastic to make users spend more time on the site and making navigation easy for them.

8. Make Site Mobile-Friendly

Mobile is the future of browsing (actually, this future is already here). Google has also introduced mobile-first indexing option that allows users to rank their sites for mobile-first in order to meet the needs of the users. Over 70% users come on sites through phone browsers and if the mobile version of your site is ugly or poor, you will see high bounce rate. So make it mobile-friendly.

Here you have it the advice of best web design company. Keep making your website better and enjoy high traffic.


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