5 Apps That Have Changed the Game of This Decade

This decade is full of various kinds of technology as well as outstanding apps which changed our thinking and lifestyle. Moreover, we get the chance of watching a different change in our society. Even, they are now playing an important role in our modern life. And that is when the mobile app development Saudi Arabia comes in scene.

There are some game-changer apps in the world like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Spotify and many more. If you are a technology lover, then you have heard the name of some renowned companies like Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Symphony, Sony and the other one.

They have already invented many kinds of useful apps like mobile app development that changed our lifestyle and social strategies in the recent decade. Here we discuss some game-changer apps of the last decade.


Instagram has changed our life entire lives somehow but it is not so old app. You will be surprised to know that Instagram has launched in 2010 and now it is very popular. It has changed our business policy and shows us a new way to grow up business.

Instagram has diverted as well as managing digital information in people’s lives. Many people changed their hobbies, lifestyle, habits, society or many more with the use of Instagram.

The app gives you the opportunities to capture your favorite moments and has access to share with others. As a result, the popularity of this app is increasing day by day.


It is a music app and it has a huge crowd. Even it contains about 217 million of a regular user. This is a platform where you can share and download music. It is a free app but you can use a paid version. Moreover, a singer can live stream here at any time. Here artist can release his song anytime and the fans can stream it for free as well as premium.


WhatsApp is very popular now all over the world. Because, by using this app, people can send SMS, pictures and make an audio call. Recently WhatsApp runs a video calling feature. For this reason, we can see our nearest person and talk with costing very little money.

WhatsApp launched in 2009 but it is still popular in our daily life. To use this app, you need internet connections and an android phone. This app expands a new revolution meanwhile decrease our communication costs.


If you are a world tourist then you should keep knowledge about Airbnb. It because this app is built for only travel purpose. You will get millennial’s experiences with Airbnb since it has the capabilities of maintaining the whole industry.

It will allow you to stay in a residential neighborhood as though you get the real feeling of the hotel. Moreover, you may get an offer for the excursion is any place if you are lucky and enough brave.


Venmo is an app that provides you the money transaction services. The mother of this company is Paypal and this is an online money transaction system. Nowadays it is very popular in our country.

You will be surprised to know that it handled about $12 billion transactions in the first quarter of 2018 and it is a great surprise for the world. This app is founded in 2009 and still, it has great importance all over the world. It is not only popular but also trusted mobile payment services.


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