Best Alternatives of WordPress for Web Designers

Content management systems or CMS are a lot to love. Perhaps it is the simplified method of website design: website designers, topics, and no coding skills needed. Probably all those smart plugins can draw technical features you would have no idea where to get started.

But what can you do if WordPress doesn’t cut it? Fortunately, there are dozens of quality CMS and website builders there that may take WordPress’s place, depending on your needs and needs.

No matter you’re looking for a website design New York services. A couple of WordPress alternatives we have mentioned below can help you in many ways.

Craft CMS

It’s intuitive for you and your customers, the single best feature of Craft. Because of its API, WordPress may be more challenging to customize and hang. However, Craft begins with nothing and lets you add pieces as necessary.

There are also third-party topics and plugins! The price tag is the only concern. If you work with small projects, this is not something you want. But turn the free edition on your own time to see how you’d like to work with it.


Will all the benefits of a CMS need to be achieved without one during the design process? First and first, build your website and later install Perch. The basic GUI for your customers and you can create the platform yourself.


Webflow developed for independent web designers as a detailed resource. Create a website without touching any coding, prepare it with a CMS, and use Webflow hosting for your customers. For small design teams, it works great too!


The simplicity of Bolt CMS has established. The app is simple and not loaded with apps you don’t use – but if you decide to, they can be quickly applied.

This CMS uses Twig to make templates so that you can scratch them. And it’s super easy to edit the sites you create. No more consumers upset! Furthermore, the portal is accessible and safe.


If the complicated deployment process is your greatest woe with WordPress, Kirby might be what you want. Setup on a server is lightweight and super comfortable.

No more installation guides of 5000 steps. The admin panel is relatively user friendly, with no files included. Nevertheless, Kirby has better adapted to programmers who can use PHP as a language.


Drupal is not simple to understand, mainly if you are using WordPress as a web designer. But Drupal is the best option if you need a CMS that can not run WordPress websites.

It has a wide range of modules and a much more advanced performance. Another CMS can be the best choice if you build simple, static websites. However, seek Drupal if you did not consider WordPress powerful enough.


While the flexibility available for Squarespace in WordPress has significantly reduced, it is considerably more customer-friendly and less likely to be bugs and incompatible.

The service hosted is also not particularly expensive. Squarespace Circle would be available to you after you have built three websites for clients. The circle can be an excellent opportunity for you and other web design agency New York to get your name out.


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