More many years, the secret sauce of SEO was aggressive link building for years, that’s secret no way. Also, in the main site, it used to make pages filled to the brim backlinks with spam. But, if we talk about the web 2.0 link building strategy, it’s persisted under the new MO. In this type of time taking, the form of backlinks pages that’s social-based web 2.0 that was emerged starting after 2005. besides, Google starts catching the fact that people were getting the rank of their blogs on the way of easy user experience. But, the scenery is completely changed and if any site is found of using such tactics gets a penalty on its ranking. But, if you can do it in the right way, web 2.0 link building technique is still working for many people.

Now, let’s know some tips to use the strategies of web 2.0 link building.

Create Your Profiles on the Major Sites

It’s the first step to make your blog or website to the social presence on as many related web 2.0 sites as possible. If you go through this way, it’ll help you to get more resources on your offerings. It because it provides a more complete and reliable footprint of your blog on the web. For example, KnowEm is a nifty tool that will assist you when you need to create profiles and it automatically checks for your username on the web on all main social platforms. As it provides you with a checklist, you have a chance to make some profiles for the purposes of web 2.0 link building.

Increase Your Footstep With Branded Persona Profiles

You can start to establish a detach individuality from your brand as it should be when you get your social presence with your branded profiles. If you want to complete it at the simplest way then you should create a new profile on some community-based sites, including Quora, LinkedIn Groups and some other forums and it’s a good idea to get a Disqus profile as you have commented on the contents very often. When you reveal the connection to your blog or business, they should preferably be represented by your genuine name to include the perception of legality.

Get Community Pages with Loose Branding Connections

When you have done the above-said steps, it’s time to expand your online presence with pages that appear like third-party entities. this is not only the trickiest idea but it also the traditional face of web 2.0 link building strategy. so, you must be inserting physically into a community with attractive content that infrequently gets backlinks to your blog or business and infrequently sponsors your services.

Bottom Line

Finally, you should be sure using some relevant information that relates to your blog or business while creating your profiles on social media. In some cases, you’ll get you only option is a naked URL, but you can make a definite Call-To-Action button that’ll send the users directly to your site.


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