Below are given some of the best Australian universities for international students.

1. University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is the top-ranked and one of the oldest universities in Australia. In international ranking, it stands at 39th position. The University of Melbourne has been one of the top and most prestigious universities for Australians as well as international students. This can surely be the best and the finest option for any student who wants to study here. After that, just look for the best Telstra student plans.

2. Australian National University

Here comes another best university in Australia. Australian National University has been ranked 24th in international QS ranking of 2019. So you can imagine how good, qualitative and prestigious this university is. Thousands of students every year come here for studying. You will be a lucky lad if you manage to get admission here. This can surely change anyone’s life.

3. University of Sydney

University of Sydney was founded in 1851 and is considered the oldest university in Australia. With students from 140 plus countries, it depicts the true cultural manifestations. In international QS ranking 2019, University of Sydney stood at 42nd position. Five of the Australian prime ministers attended this university and it speaks louder of the quality and prestige of University of Sydney.

4. University of Queensland

University of Queensland is at 48th position in QS ranking 2019. Reports claim that more than 40000 students are enrolled in the university with 14000 from 140 countries. This means the university attracts students from all over the world. The great thing is new students will find their country fellows at University of Queensland and this will be great for the new comers.

5. University of New South Wales

With a score of 45 in QS ranking 2019, University of New South Wales attracts students from all over the world. The Sydney based university has thousands of students from over 100 countries and has been one of the top choices of international students. University of New South Wales is also a partner of Group of Eight, which deals with research and development tasks. It can be a more than perfect choice for international students to study at this university. And you will always have your favorite student phone plans too.

6. Monash University

Monash University has a QS raking of 59 in 2019. The university has five campuses in the State of Victoria, two in other countries including South Africa and Malaysia. It is one the finest academic institutions in Australia. As it is located in Melbourne, this makes it even more popular for being in one of the biggest cities of Australia. From education and research perspective, the QS ranking speaks of its excellence and greatness.

7. University of Adelaide

This list of Australia’s best universities will be just incomplete without University of Adelaide which stands at 114 position in QS ranking 2019. What makes this university popular and a hot choice of new students is the quality of research and innovation. Excellence in Research Australia has also recognized this university for innovation and excellent in research. You will find thousands of international students in almost all departments.

So, try to get admission in these universities and have good student phone plans to keep bills lower.


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