Buy Phone Outright from Top Australia’s Phones Right Now

In this post will not only compare various phone plans, but we also will know about phones. As a result, you’ll be able to pick the right phone up for you from the market. Besides, we test many phones each year so we get them if a single review is not enough for you. That’s why we’ve chosen some of the best handsets that you can presently buy phone outright on a plan to save some time. You’ll find your suitable and desired phone if you go through the entire content within your budget. No matter you’re looking for something with the best return of value or you’re looking for something that’s with the latest features. When some of them get obviously quicker, some others are a bit of tough to wrap you and you’ll get all hidden features.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

More than a huge whatever you think about it, Huawei Mate 20 Pro stands with a versatile camera and excellent photo quality. Also, it has a long battery life with some excitingly new features. You’ll find something more than you look for in a smartphone as it has all the features that you need. Without a higher price tag and some app quirks, this is a great choice for you. So, you’ll get a great phone for your money if you want to pay $1599. As it’s one of the best flagship phones, it can compete with Apple and Samsung seriously. That’s why this phone is for techies and for the photographers as well and even it’s a phone for you if you want high-end features and massive battery life.

OPPO R17 Pro

Not only packed with cool new tech, but it also comes with so many meaningful features that you always look for. Yes, we’re talking about the OPPO R17 Pro handset that’s far more than an iterative improvement. You’ll get this easily exciting phone with these all we’ve talked about and with that, we didn’t say just for $1000. When it comes to the features of the phone, it’s a handset with a paired great battery that has in insane charging speed and will be a good value of your investment. Specialized in bang-for-buck devices, OPPO is a smartphone manufacturer as surely offered on that assurance with this newest handset.

As it’s simply the best phone, you can presently shop it for under $1,000. The manufacturer has charged up to $899 for their previous models so it’s a bit pricier in almost every regard. In addition, you’ll find the R17 Pro is a solid package without the issue of niggling apps. But, if you like the best quality phone with somehow lesser price-tag than the premium ones, this is the phone you can buy.

Bottom Line

Among the said two handsets, OPPO R17 Pro should be great for you to meet your all needs. Though it comes with a higher price-tag, it’s far more than an iterative improvement that can compete with the premium models of phones like Samsung Galaxy series and iPhones.


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