The announcement of the GoPro for the new camera targets for monopoly. It’s the world-famous manufacturer that produces action cameras. This may not fall down like a sandcastle right away. But, GoPro should great bundle up warmly.

Besides, DJI comes with a new camera named the Osmo Action. It aims no low than its top. Now, the question is: how good is this DJI new action camera? And what is its cost?

Does DJI really threaten the long-established monopoly of GoPro? Or, its new camera is nothing but some hot air! So, let’s know more about DJI and GoPro before you look for aerial surveying.

GoPro vs. DJI

Does it ring a bell? Yes, it does. Once GoPro tried to take down DJIs domination in the drone surveying services business, these two companies had a severe retaliate in the days. But, GoPro determined to revolve that reverie down when the Karma drone destroys the sky very often.

This time, we get the fight back once again. But, now, DJI is attacking GoPro. Here the question is: can DJI be unbeaten and capable to depose them? It’s better to give it to the hand of time because time can tell about this.

The Camera

The new action camera of DJI has joined the ranks with the successful Osmo series. And it rises up its name – Action! This Osmo Action is a lightweight, small, and featured camera. It comes with a roundish lens and a futuristic look. The camera has a touch display on its back that’s a larger one than other action cameras.

While turning this Action camera around, you’ll find it spectacular. It has a smaller but actual display that can find right next to its lens. This one DJI shows what their camera finds while the other’s camera just shows a few texts on the screens.

As a result, this one is suitable for self-filming, blogging, and helmet. You may switch to the smaller front one and take the ideal shot when you can’t find the focal display. Also, you can control it by voice control feature and it works without any flaw to start/stop taking photos or recording.


Besides, this display is not just the highlight of the technology of Osmo Action. It has an internal digital image stabilization feature that works very well. Even the camera continues the recordings softly while the target is running.

Its focusing might be a bit on holding its camera with care. So, this makes the outcome look as if they have filmed with a tripod or gimbal.


The battery of the Osmo Action surprised us when the camera has two displays. When we calculated, we found that the battery is run about two and half hours before it turned off. It’s a great thing about this camera that leaves the struggle behind.

This perhaps the outcome from DJI as a drone producer that has to concentrate on making great batteries that nobody knows. Also, the computing power of the device is tremendous than many others available in the market.


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