When you use a technique to transform aluminum alloy into objects with a definitive cross-sectional profile, it’s called aluminum extrusion. You can do this for a variety of uses. Aluminum has a unique combination of physical characteristics and the extrusion process makes the most out of it. There are companies that produce aluminum extrusion linear motion technology and they are very useful and have a lot of strength. Building anything with metal is not as hard as one might think. If you use V-slot and T-slot aluminum extrusion, it’s not that hard and you can build amazing things with these.

Differences in V-Slot and T-Slot

When you compare the shapes of extrusion, you will find many differences. We will talk about two types of shapes: V-Slot and T-Slot. The shape of the cross-section is called the profile and T-slot has a groove on each of its sides that looks like a T. On the other hand, V-Slot has a groove on its edges that look like a V but it also has a slightly beveled edge. Bearings and wheels can sit inside the profile of V-Slot but not inside T-Slot.

How to Make Things with a V-Slot Aluminum Extrusion

We will now show you how you can make things with V-Slot extrusion. Let’s start with dimensions.


You will find a lot of different types of dimensions for V-Slot extrusion and some distributors cut to length. But the most common sizes are 20mm x 20 mm, 40mm, 60mm, and 80mm. All of them are very strong and durable, even the smallest size.

Cutting to Start Working

There are lots of ways to cut V-Slot. The manufacturers likely tell you to cut it like you cut timber on a chop saw but the easiest way to cut it is to use a hacksaw or an Engineer’s Square to mark an accurate line and then cut slowly. It’s better not to use a junior hacksaw. Take care not marking the edge of the aluminum.


Untreated and Black finishes can be purchased from the market. Untreated is the aluminum as is and the Black is anodized. It depends on you which one you should pick but black although it looks cool it’s easier to mark or damage while the untreated one allows you to anodize it later with the color of your choosing.

Connecting the Parts

Use the common method, T Nuts, to slot into the grooves in the aluminum and use a bolt to tighten up against them. You can also make 3D prints of your own connectors. Or, if you want, you can find metal brackets from hardware stores.

So, in order to connect them, first, slide two or more T Nuts into the channel in the extrusion, then line up your bracket, use the appropriate size bolts to bolt it on, add a different piece of extrusion by using the same method, simply bolt the bearings or countersink the bolts. This is it. You’ve done it.


Aluminum extrusion linear motion technology makes very durable and strong metals. And if you use them you can make quite strong objects that will last long.


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