Tips to Know About SIM Only Plans That Are the Best

Mobile plans that come bundled with a new mobile phone, they come to the limelight. But, SIM only plans offer a great opportunity with the options to save money if you previously have your personal phone that you’re happy with. Also, a SIM only plan is a plan coming without as a bundle in a phone deal as you can guess from its name.

No matter there is even 12-month contract or any other opportunities to pay month to month basis, you’ll get an exciting deal of your money that you’ll find in these plans. For this reason, we scanned some SIM only carriers to get to avail it easier for you that you’ll find them low on cost, big on data along with a great middle-ground average.

Why You Should Go with A SIM Only Plan

You’ll find a SIM-only plan very handy for you when you’re looking to save some money. Also, this plan will save from getting tied into a contract based lengthy process. Moreover, if you have a mobile phone previously and above all of these, you’re looking for well worth considering then SIM-only mobile plan is the best choice for you.

Besides, when you’re going to the end of your contract period and you find your handset is still in the fighting fit, you can go ahead for the best SIM only plan. With these plans, you’ll get a much lower cost than your contract phone. Also, you have the opportunity to get changed on your plan if you find yourself in such circumstances.

As it’s the time when the best value phone matters much, you might be looking for a shiny smartphone for you. But, a SIM only plan is for those who look for avoiding the issue of sign up for 12 or 24-month contracts.

What Is the Considerable Size of SIM Card?

Currently, you’ll find there three types of SIM card for your handset that depends on the brand and model of your handset. If you use the traditional mobile phone you’ll probably find 15 x 25mm sized standard SIM card. But, if you have bought handset within last five years, you’ll find most of them support either micro SIM with size (12 x 15) mm or Nano with the size of (8.8 x 12.3) mm.

For example, while the iPhone 5 has Apple’s first Nano-SIM, Galaxy S6 is using the smallest one. So, you’ll have to check the required size that comes with the SIM and what fits properly with your handset before you shop a new SIM.

What Is the Perfect SIM Only Contract Length?

You’ll get more flexible options when you choose a SIM only plan or new phone plans with a specific duration, but it’s not like a contract phone. The flexibilities are like one-month contracts, or one year, or even rolling for an indefinite time.

However, you can be availing good prices if you choose from the plans for a 12-month basis. When you’ll go with one-month plans that means you can choose the great pick to suit you for a 30-day basis.


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