Ultimate Guide to Choose the Best Mouse According to Your Use

Every pc uses a mouse as a primary input device. Every computer user will unanimously agree that a mouse is one of the essential parts of their setup. The average pc user spends several hours a day using the mouse as an input device.

There are a plethora of mice available on the market. You can buy mouse online from different websites. There are numerous factors to choose from when purchasing a mouse. Every person’s hand is different, so different hands may prefer other mice. This guide will tell you all you need to know to choose the best mouse according to your use.

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#1. Find Your Grip Style

Different person grips the mouse in different ways. Depending on your grip, you can determine which type of mice suits your hands. Ideally, there are three types of grip. Those are palm grip, claw grip, and fingertip grip, respectfully. 

Some mice are designed to be used in any grip style while others are particularly well suited for a specific grip style. The palm grip is the most common and widely used grip. Claw grip is good for gaming but less comfortable for long gaming sessions.

#2. Precision

Nowadays, people don’t use ball mice for their lack of accuracy. Instead, they have been replaced by optical mice. These consist of two types, LED, and laser.

The sensor plays the most prominent role in its precision. The precision of the mouse is referred to by DPI (dots per inch). While the LED mice are cheaper and provide reasonable accuracy, laser sensors offer faster response time with greater accuracy. They tend to be cheaper than their LED counterparts.

#3. Wired vs. Wireless Mouse

Wireless mice are super convenient to use. They eliminate the clutter of using cables. These mice are used for clean builds. They provide decent responsiveness and moderate accuracy. You can also engage with your computer without necessarily sitting at the desk.

But that does not mean wired mice don’t have many advantages. They are cheaper than their wireless cousins. They provide consistent performance and much greater accuracy and responsiveness compared to wireless mice. Also, you don’t need to recharge the batteries.

#4. Button Layout & Macros 

Most mice consist of two buttons and a scroll wheel. While they are common, there are better mice with more than three buttons. Typically, gamers prefer more buttons that meet their specific actions in games.

If you know you will need more buttons, then you should use mice with more buttons. Otherwise, you will be paying extra for buttons that will come of no use to you.

#5. Consider the Size & Weight

Much as you are concerned about the price, the mouse’s weight is also an important fact. A heavier mouse will impact the ergonomics of the mouse. This is entirely subjective to each person. 

A heavier mouse might feel more comfortable to use. But these are harder to move around quickly. Lighter mice tend to be widely used by gamers. They are easy to move and comes with a bigger price tag.


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