Santa Barbara Camping Plus Best Places in California

If you love outdoor activities then you’ll find California is the Mecca for you. Ranging from the tallest trees of the world to hottest places, the state is packed with natural wonders. Along with Santa Barbara camping, you’ll find a lot of beautiful places to camp in this state. When it comes to the Pacific Ocean, it kisses the whole western coastal area of California and there are mountains in acres of landscape with the borders. As a result of the natural treasures of the state, it’s one of the best places in the country to go camping. When you want to camp in these areas, you should wisely prepare yourself for a large range of small and big creatures.

So, wherever you decide to go camping over the amazing state of California, you have to use camping hammocks and camping tents. Apart from these, you also need to take your own comfortable hiking boots so that you can enjoy the pleasure of the terrain and trails. Now, let’s know about some great places in California to camp.

Santa Barbara County

Ranging from rustic to glamorous, it’s touching beyond the coast of California and this is full of beachside campsites. So, if you want to go with the El Captain Canyon Resort, it’s possible to keep your camping items in their carrying case. As a result, you’ll find your camping more enjoyable with the luxurious glamping tents that are available with maid service. If not, you can get cared for your own things in the El Capitan State Beach as it has bluffed camping for you. That’s why it is in the top list of places as camping in Santa Barbara.

Lake Tahoe

When it comes to Northern California, you’ll find some must-see sites that are readily waiting for your camping moments. From camping tent and trailer spots, Lake Tahoe is loaded with camping sites. When you’re in this place, you’ll find more than 20 campgrounds in the Lake Tahoe Basin and the Tahoe National Forest. Also, you’ll get a lot of hiking trails with phenomenal fishing that all are the part of the Sierra Nevada range. That’s why; you’ll easily find a suitable place to hang your camping hammock. Moreover, this place does not only offer unforgettable vista; it also has a lot of activities as North America’s largest alpine lake.


Redwood National & State Parks

If you visit these parks, you’ll see there thousands of trees that are centuries old. As a result, part of the park has been gone to the UNESCO World Heritage Site’s list. If you’re not able to hang the camping hammock on the massive redwood trees, you can do one thing that there are some camping sites are perfect for you for your boots. In addition, the coast of the magnificent Pacific Ocean is entirely open for you for camping. Also, this place does not only offer impressive seascape; it also has a lot of actions as one of California’s largest park sites for the lovers of outdoor activities and camping.


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