The Best San Francisco Bay Cruises

This is pretty much to see the environment from the bank of the bay. If it happens in San Francisco it gives you an unforgettable memory. Since the city of San Francisco is adjacent to the world’s largest bay and it has a wonderful Golden Gate Headlands.

Moreover, there have some beautiful and famous visiting places in San Francisco. In contrast, you can find many boat cruises on the Bay. On the other hand, the best San Francisco bay cruises option depends on you. Especially, to get a great experience you should choose any of them from the San Francisco bay ferry options.

Ferry Tours

Generally, there exist two boat companies. They are the Blue & Gold Fleet and Red & White Fleet and very famous. Moreover, they provide about to same and quality services. In contrast, they will offer you one hour to visit bay cruise elaborately.

You can behold the natural scenery easily because it has a large space and windows. Both of them drive forward to Gold Get Bridge and Alcatraz, the Presidio, Sausalito, skyline and Angel Island.

Sailing Cruises

There is a gorgeous sailing cruise like Cat’s Bay Sail and it departs from the Pier 39. This is an interesting catamaran for adventure to you and your family. On the other hand, it is very stable and comfortable to go through the Bay.

This catamaran gives you an excellent view, and its cabin is protected. Moreover, the cabin crew in this sail always makes an affordable environment. There have another option to buy snacks, chips, popcorn, wine, beer and you can enjoy seven languages songs at a time.

Finally, to enjoy a perfect ride, you should keep a worm dress, shoes, and a hot cap and get ready yourself.

Thrill Boat Rides and Cruise

If you are a thrill lover then you can choose the Thrill Boat & Cruise. It is very speedy that can fulfill your demand. Moreover, you will enjoy with Pier 39 and it is very big and fast. This boat is available only May to October and its yellow color is mind-blowing.

Meanwhile, you will listen to various rock songs in it, and the boat will pass under the bridge, AT&T Park. Finally, you get the opportunity to see the skyline from the east and north.

Fishing Boat Bay Cruise

A well-known traditional sight in San Francisco’s waterfront is a fishing boat. If you like fishing then you can choose Fishing Boat Bay Cruise. There you can also find the Lovely Martha Sport Fishing, Silver Fox Sportfishing and many more.

San Francisco Bay Supper Club Cruise

Have you no time to tour a bay whole the year? I can suggest you take San Francisco Bay Supper Club Cruise so that its managers you three hours at the big bay. 

You can get a trip in January-November. It will give you a small palate option, and you can arrange a DJ party on the decks. 

San Francisco Brunch Cruise

This boat offers you only for two hours and Sundays & Saturday in a week. You get many facilities in it like wine, beer, chips, live music or other favorite drinks. In short, from the above description get your choice as you like.


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