The stunning small town of San Luis Obispo sits in the mountains of Santa Lucia. It is worth visiting due to its pleasant atmosphere and jaw dropping sites. Its vibrant beaches invite the visitors to come and soak in the countless adventures. We have arranged for your convenience a list of top things to do in San Luis Obispo.

  1. Farmers Market

San Luis Obispo is popular for its Thursday evening farmers market. It is famous because it gives buyers a chance of buying fresh products. This market has unique products, which differ according to the season. However, they do not compromise on quality. Locals come here for shopping but out of town visitors come to relish the street food. Live music is the main thing that attracts thousands of people from all over San Luis Obispo Country.

  1. Pismo Beach

Body boarders and surfers love this sunny beach town. In summer, sunbathers, volleyball players and surfers flock here. Other things that people love to do here is strolling and fishing. The warm and sunny climate of Pismo beach offers everything to the visitors of their interest.

  1. Bubblegum Alley

Bubblegum alley, which is a stunning attraction, is located in downtown San Luis Obispo. This 65-foot long alley is covered with uncounted pieces of chewed bubble gums. Nobody knows how it began but one reason is that it was the result of conflict between the boys of two schools.

  1. Avila Beach

This scenic beach is one of the most popular attractions in San Luis Obispo. It has warmer atmosphere because of the surrounding hillsides that shelter it from the winds. The palm-fringed boardwalk is another attraction where you will find numerous shops and restaurants to satisfy your appetite. Its stunning scenery and its shores of white sand invite the visitors to enjoy a promenade here. Swimming, bathing, kayaking and fishing are other popular activities here to relish.

  1. San Luis Obispo Children’s Museum

The San Luis Obispo Children’s museum has fun displays for little children. This museum consists of three floors where the exhibits are displayed. For the kids’ excitement and fun, it has also a play area and special activities. While planning your top things to do in San Luis Obispo, Keep Children’s Museum at No one.

  1. History Center of San Luis Obispo Country

It is a history museum that has preserved the historical and cultural heritage of the surrounding region of San Luis Obispo. Its collection includes numerous relics and records. The items that are of special interest are slides, prints and postcards of San Luis Obispo from 1840s till today.

  1. Bishop Peak Hikes

Bishop Peak is the most protuberant peak in San Luis Obispo and over 1,500 feet high. For visitors and locals, it is the most favorite hiking spot. The uphill climb takes one to two hours and from the top hikers relish extensive panoramic views. The mountain acquired its name because of its shape, which according to some people take after a bishop’s miter.

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