I know you like to treat your dog. Besides, you want to reward him for his good behavior. This is something you enjoy keeping the puppy calm, teaching a command, or being a good companion.

Poor quality foods can lead to health issues like upset stomach, obesity, etc. Some treats are fatty and low calories. These foods will not help the dog in nutrition. Rather they will make the puppy sick.

Some people research a lot before buying dog treats, and some are not so much choosey about buying treats. This is for you if you want to buy healthy treats for your dog. Try to avoid these ingredients when buying dog treat for your puppy.

#1 Avoid Added Sugar

Sugar may appear in different names, such as corn sugar, caramel, sucrose, corn syrup. Whatever the name is, extra sugar is not good for the dog’s body and unnecessary for health.

Regular consumption of added sugar can cause tooth decay, hypoglycemia, obesity, etc.

#2 Avoid Extra Salt

It May appears in different name4s like sodium chloride, sea salt, or iodized salt. Though salt is an essential element for dogs, excessive consumption can lead to health issues.

It can cause various problems to your dogs, such as increased intake of water, hemoglobin concentration, heart rate increase, and restlessness.

#3 Avoid Soy

This is a substitute for meat protein. But unfortunately, its health benefits are few for dogs. And most dogs are allergic to it.

#4 Avoid Corn

Corn is also a meat substitute. But it has almost zero nutrition compared to meat.

It will cause dog muscle loss if it is used excessively. If you continuously use treats high in corn, your dog may lose his leg muscle.

#5 Avoid Dairy Products

Dairy is not always bad, nor it is always good for your dog. If your dog is allergic to it, avoid it. Because most of the dogs are allergic to dairy products.

#6 Avoid Gluten

It is a protein that is found in wheat. Avoid this ingredient completely as it has no nutritional value. This ingredient will only add problems to your dog’s health. It won’t offer any health value.

#7 Avoid Products From Other Countries

It is something that you should consider if you want to keep your puppy completely healthy.

It is because products that are produced inside the USA are made under high supervision. So there is less chance of having a low-quality product. And there is a high chance that products made inside the USA give the exact amount of ingredients as labelled.

However, products made outside the USA are not made under high supervision. So, it is smart to avoid outside country products.

#8 Avoid Grain

Your dog is a carnivore by nature. If you feed him treats that have grain, he will suffer some effects over time.

Try to avoid all these if you want a healthy and the best dog treats for your dog. Treats are important to train the dog. So it is a frequently bought product. Anything harmful used daily may cause serious illness to your dog.


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