Every product has some advantages and disadvantages. Well, white noise is also not a different thing. It has some cons and pros, and here you will know about it.

So, before you want to buy white noise machine, let’s know some pros and cons of using a white noise machine.

Pros of Using the White Noise for the Baby

If you use the white noise, it will help you to make your baby fall asleep. This top rated white noise machines will make the baby feel comfortable and let them sleep. Here you will know more about it.

White Noise Can Aid Sleep

Moreover, the white noise can make the baby fall asleep, which is the benefit of this machine. If you are busy with work or something else and the baby needs a nap, this machine will help. So, it will be a benefit for your baby and you as well.

Sleep Aids Might Mask Household Noise

Well, in the family, babies might not be the same age. If one baby requires a nap, it does not mean another baby will also need the same. So, if you use the white noise, it will help the baby who needs a nap.

Cons of Using the White Noise 

Furthermore, the white noise is a machine, and it is for babies to sleep well. But, some babies may not like it and will not feel happy about it. So, you need to find it out the baby likes the machine or not.

As all babies are not the same so, the reaction will be different. While using the machine, check out the baby.

Some Babies Might Not Like the White Noise

Additionally, you need to remember that the white noise will not work for every baby. All humans are different, and babies are also the same.

So, if your baby is not feeling reasonable about the white noise, you need to change the trick. While trying the white noise, you need to be careful about the safety issue of the baby.

How Long Sleep Does the Baby Need?

You may know that sleep is essential for all human beings. Well, babies are also human, and they need sleep, and it is essential for their health.

But, everyone does not know about the proper timing of the baby’s sleep. Here you will get the information so check it:

  • From six to twelve months: Fourteen hours of sleep with around three naps in a day.
  • Three to six Months: Around nine hours of sleep at night with a few short naps during the daytime.
  • From one to two months: Around five hour’s straight sleep.
  • Newborns: More than eighteen hours daily. Also, I need to wake up for food.

Bottom Line

It would always help if you remembered that babies are not the same. So, they will react differently. But, it would help if you tried it safely. If the baby likes it, then you can use it.

On the other hand, you should skip it for the baby. It will depend on the reaction of the baby, so nothing to worry about it.


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