As a follow-up to my post on how I got my baby to sleep through the night, I thought I’d list a few of the main things we did to ‘encourage’ my baby to sleep at night and for longer. I also use the best baby cam for my baby in his room.

They might be my top four best tips on how to get your baby to sleep. It’s for the first couple of months of my first baby’s life. She had an aversion to sleep – day and night.

Now, of course, most newborn babies share this. These are a few things we adopted to make this happen. So, before you look for the best white noise machine baby, baby, let’s start!

Set and Stick With a Routine

We have developed and adapted a version of the ‘Tizzy Hall. And it’s ‘Save Our Sleep’ routine to our requirements. In my earlier article, this is comprehensive. But, it provided us basic instructions on how to get the kid up, eat, play, take a cup, and sleep.

As a brand new mother, she likes routines and has taken it fast as a brand mother with no notion. It’s because to when to do so (save for feeding on demand). Consistency is the key – stick to it when you find something works.

White Noise

A nurse warned me not to tip around the baby. She has used too many inner sounds of her mother in the womb, and they’re as loud as a cleaning vacuum. So, when I laid down my iPhone for sleep, I downloaded a white noise app and set it on at night.

We even kept it throughout the night near the crib. So, it seems as if it lulls her back to sleep when she gets up. I will be honest, for us, it was strange at first since I was in the same room, but we also quickly accepted it.

Double Swaddling

This makes the infant extremely comfortable (think Burrito Baby). The tube has great films to teach you how. For the initial swaddle with a SwaddleMe over the top, we used a big Muslin cloth, which I suggest. These are awesome.

They truly keep the infant snug and tight. Hips and legs can kick about free of charge. Swaddling has done just till, as far as I know, newborns can turn over. I believe it is because they can’t roll back if they have swaddled up. You don’t want them rolling and sticking on their foreheads.

Comforting Smells

As my baby used to be on me most of the day, a friend advised this, and she probably found my ‘smell’ soothing. She may have missed this at night in her crib – albeit the cot was next to my bed for the first four months.

So I’d often lie on the top at night so she could smell me. She could smell me. I seldom had terrible perfume while I was nursing. I’d advise you not to lie your infant near anything that smells pungent. This is their natural fragrance.


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