It is luxury to enjoy the silence in big cities along with the quality sleep. However, a white noise machine can provide you with both.

In reality, white noise is just a mixture of sounds that hum at various frequencies. A calming sort of muddled nothingness is what you end up with.

So, wondering how you can buy a portable white noise machine? Here are a few criteria you must consider.

#1 Customizability

Different individuals respond better or worse to various forms of noise and other volumes. For example, the sound of running water is calming, but it makes someone have to pee, so that’s not conducive to falling asleep. A decent noise generator would have several volumes, at the very least, so you can find an atmosphere that fits better for you.

#2 Sound Quality

The entire point of investing in the best white noise machine is to encourage you to relax for a restful night. Investing in a high-quality white noise system that can produce excellent sound quality is essential.

#3 Sound Variety

For optimum comfort, a high-quality machine would feature lots of pre-recorded sounds. Items containing a wide range of sounds are bound to be more practical. This option will also let you use the machine for several reasons.

#4 Volume

Since it may be harmful to your hearing, your noise machine should not be too noisy. And suppose you use the white noise machine for your infant. In that case, this one is crucial: the noise can never go over 50 decibels, the recommended noise level in hospital nurseries for children. And also, don’t just assume that the noise machine is healthy.

#5 Simplicity of Use

There are very few people who are tech-savvy and can navigate with high-tech machines their way. Best companies work tirelessly to deliver products that are easy to use and not only give excellent performance but are also easy to use.

#6 Portability

It’s definitely worth investing in a portable unit, whether you intend on using the machine for sleeping better or to block noisy sounds at the workplace. Often compact and lightweight, the top rating devices allow consumers to benefit from optimum use.

#7 A Clean Loop

Instead of electronic noise, if you have gone for a noise generator that uses sound recordings, be careful of recordings that do not repeat seamlessly. It means you can hear where the recording stops and then start again.

This is troubling because it is not exactly the noise that wakes you up, it is the noise transition. And between the end and the beginning, a slightly different sound will jolt you out of sleep.

Final Note

Overall, it seems to be a very personal thing to fit a particular noise to your workflow. So, trying many things out and finding what works well for you is the best thing you can do. Go on to see some of the most common machines and applications for ambient noise, and let us know which ones are your favourites!


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